2014 City of Los Angeles Minority Business Honorees


  • Media Firm of the Year: Transition Music & Media Corporation
  • Professional Services Firm of the Year: ICDC Publishing, Inc.
  • Technology Firm of the Year: Lumen21, Inc.


Donna Ross- Jones
Transition Music & Media Corporation
Media Firm of the Year

Transition Music & Media Corporation (TMC) exists to create, manage and monetize media. TMC is a cutting edge music & multi-media production company led by a team of award-winning entertainment industry innovators and supported by GRAMMY® and EMMY® Award-winning artists. TMC was created to provide music and related services for all forms of visual media, primarily film and television, while creating opportunities for artists.  Transition Music has worked with all of the leading independents and major entertainment studios, and today provides the exclusive music and supervision services for more than 23 television series and six networks, resulting in more than 220,000 domestic television performances a year, an unprecedented number for an independent music company.

In 2013 TMC aligned with media partners, leveraged their combined expertise, and formed Transition Media to create and produce PSAs; commercials; sponsor-driven content; webisodes; industrial films; informational, marketing & sales videos; and documentaries.  They have already created media for GE, the Department of Commerce and AT&T U-verse. Most recently they completed production of a National PSA to bring awareness to the dangers of autism and wandering for the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

Founder and CEO Jones has built a successful company and contributed to the success of superstars such as Eddie Murphy, Heart, Irene Cara, Rick James and Anita Baker.  She attributes much of her success to being fired from her job at age 20, when she defiantly vowed to be her own boss. By age 21 she was president of her own business, the first independent “International Marketing” company to help U.S.-based music artists gain recognition around the world. She’s been innovating ever since, remaining viable in the highly competitive music industry.  Today a leading expert in management, music publishing, intellectual property and IP monetization, Jones brings to Transition Music & Media a history of developing and implementing solutions in the ever-changing world of music in entertainment and technology.  Jones has been recognized by the Hollywood Reporter and Black Enterprise, and in 2008 she was proclaimed Executive of the Year for her contributions to Film & TV Music by the Cambridge Who’s Who.  Jones, an active autism advocate, is the co-founder of Special Needs Network and publisher of the online blog Autism Day By Day. She has received Congressional recognition for her work impacting public policy and helping families living with autism through education and advocacy.



Sharon E Brown
ICDC Publishing, Inc.
Professional Services Firm of the Year

ICDC Publishing, Inc. (ICDC) is a small publishing company based in Woodland Hills, California.  ICDC began in 1989 as a vocational training company.  Ms Sharon Brown, one of the co-founders and eventual sole owner of ICDC, was working as an auditor for the CPA firm Miller Kaplan Arase LLP in Southern California when she came across a theme that was all too familiar to her from her upbringing in rural Illinois; inadequate job training leading to inadequate job performance.

In the course of her auditing work she found that many people were unable to efficiently and correctly process health claims. Initially, ICDC was founded in order to provide both training and training materials for auditors and medical billing and health claims workers for the employees of the client companies of Miller Kaplan Arase LLP.  ICDC has since reorganized into a publishing company and has focused on developing innovative training materials, curriculums, and textbooks that facilitate thorough preparation for a wide variety of occupations.  With the philosophy that training materials should be methodical but also easy-to-understand and enjoyable, ICDC has been a leading publisher and provider of vocational materials for over 20 years.  With the advent of new technology ICDC is now able to bring its learning materials and philosophy to new interactive mediums that are accessible both within and beyond traditional classroom environments.

Over the years ICDC has been able to enter into collaborative partnerships with Pearson Prentice Hall and major textbook wholesalers in order to ensure that ICDC can provide materials and media beyond the scope of ICDC’s core areas of specialization and to remain committed to the idea that facilitating effective job training makes a difference to businesses, lives, and communities.

Ms. Brown earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California, a Juris Doctor degree from Howard University School of Law, and has completed the following business programs: SBA Emerging Leaders; Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses; Southern California Gas Company Mastering Business Growth; and the VEDC Entrepreneurial Training Program. She holds law licenses in both California and Illinois and is also the co-founder and President of the Greater Valley Black Business Association (GVBBA).  The GVBBA is a dedicated group of small business owners who feel that an organized body and voice can help identify, advocate for, mediate, and improve industry challenges; especially those applicable to small minority businesses.



Eduardo Don, Jr.
Lumen21, Inc.
Technology Firm of the Year

Lumen21 is a minority-owned IT consulting firm based in Orange, CA that specializes in providing information technology services and solutions to hospitals, healthcare providers, financial institutions, schools, government agencies  manufacturers, distributors, retail and non-profit organizations or any other organization that wants to extend or completely outsource their IT operations. Lumen21 offers the following services:

  • Managed Services
  • Application Development Services
  • Technology Infrastructure Services
  • Regulatory Compliance Services

In 2014, Lumen 21 began offering these services both direct and through IT distribution channels. Enabling organizations that currently work with a local technology reseller to purchase the complete line of Lumen21 services through their local, trusted IT partner if they so desire.

The word Lumen is Latin for “to see clearly, to understand” 21 represents the New Century and all the challenges associated with bringing together the vast technological changes and options available in the marketplace. This is why Lumen21 works closely with our clients to understand their business, technical and services issues. With this knowledge, we assist our clients’ IT department with the design and deployment of an optimized, but less complex IT infrastructure solution. Our goal remains constant: To assist your business by creating new opportunities for greater insight, productivity and profitability. We are committed to providing the highest quality of service at a fair price.

Through its heritage of being a vendor-neutral provider of information technology solutions, Lumen21 is uniquely positioned to provide infrastructure recommendations that solve business problems and allow for maximum flexibility. Lumen21 regularly partners with its sister companies, Cautela Labs and C3 Compliant, to provide best of breed security and compliant cloud computing solutions to address the specific goals and objectives of our clients’ business.

Eduardo Don Jr.

Eduardo Don Jr. has been President of Lumen21 since he founded the company in 2007. Mr. Don emigrated from Cuba to the United States with his family as a young child. He later graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a Masters of Business Administration from California Polytechnic University in Pomona. Mr. Don started his career with Burroughs Corporation as a Branch Sales Manager before joining Digital Equipment Corporation. He spent almost 12 years as the president of Ballantyne Computer Services. Mr. Don has a track record of leading successful businesses and has demonstrated a strong history of revenue and profitability. Recently, he received a “Fulfilling the Promise” award from PROAMÉRICA BANK for his generous support of the Cuban-American community.

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